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For CEOs With An Eye on Their Exit.

"Who Better To Buy Your Company Than The People Who Helped You Build it?"...

We'll help you structure a financial deal to sell your company to your key staff.

Why Sell To Your Staff?

Jamie Sylvian, Founder of Nudge London

Sometimes, from the moment you sell, you lose the ability to take care of their future. It's out of your hands. For many CEO's that can be an emotional rollercoaster.

But, creating a deal where your team can take over ownership of the company, while guaranteeing your own exit funds are secured can be safer than selling to an outside acquirer,

If you're like many of our clients, when you start thinking about your exit, thoughts often go to how your staff will be affected.. The people you hired, trained, nurtured and mentored. The people you've grown close to. The ones you've seen grow and flourish.

But there's something else. Who is more deserving of the chance to carry on your legacy than the people who helped make it happen?

There are a number of scenarios to making a deal like this happen. If you are interested in exploring it further, let's have a chat.

8 Reasons to Consider an MBO

Build to Sell

Only selling a part of the company could give you an income while your business is managed by trusted new owners.

Retain Equity.
Angel Money

You can raise money for the business by selling equity to an Angel investor with sector experience

Better Than a Bank

You could 'lend' the team the money to buy the business and earn interest way higher than a bank will offer

MBO Funders love continuity. That makes raising money easier than a standard acquisition sale.

You as Mentor.

You step aside from day to day but stay on as Mentor, helping your team transition from employees to owners


You can secure your exit money by releasing shares over an agreed period of time as your team pays you from revenues.

Better for Tax

Creating a deferred payment where you are paid over time can be advantageous for income tax.


There's just something nice about passing your legacy on into safe hands. At the very least, this is worth considering

Shall we have a chat?

Last year I sat down, face to face with 112 Company owners who, just like you are trying to work out how to multiply the money they get when they finally sell their company. That's just shy of 280 hours of high level strategy planning, discussing exactly the problem you have today. What's on your mind about building a strategy like this, has probably already been discussed and solved.

Jamie Sylvian

Jamie was a Joint-Founder of the company that rebranded as Uswitch.com, sold for £200m in 2006. Through his work with Company exit strategies Jamie now inspires and instructs CEOs worldwide to build their own high value EXIT strategy.

About Nudge London Founder

We will be working very closely for the period that the deal is being negotiated. I will be here to walk you through every step of the way.

For working with you to create the deal structure, liaise with you and your team, negotiate on your behalf, find the money, deal with funders lawyers and accountants, I charge a retainer fee of £2300 per month and 2.8% of the deal agreed.

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