"The strategies we used to turn a £3m business into a +£100M industry leader are the same ones we bring to partnering with you to build your personal exit wealth"....

Partnering with a team who built a business with £120,000,000 in revenues and the other who joint-founded a £200,000,000 marketing business  gives you the firepower you need to build your company.

Our aim is to guide you through exponential growth with an eye set firmly on the cash value of your exit. We will help you build through acquisition, cost consolidation and by using the same financial engineering strategies that built a £200m business. Everything we have learned, we bring to building your company.

Right now, we are building a £30,000,000 business, consolidating and acquiring synergistic opportunities. On exit, we will sell at a much, much higher multiple that will make the Partners on exit, worth as much as £4,000,000 more than they would have exited at selling their company as a stand-alone business.

This is all about creating a strategy to develop a 'build to sell' strategy using our proven methods, that will add substantial value to your business and personal wealth.

We guide you, work beside you and help manage the process. Our income comes mainly from the added growth we deliver, while you stay firmly in control of your brand, your people and your  company.

We work with CEO's to consolidate their company into a 'build to sell' vehicle, acquiring other synergystic businesses to add revenues and increase EBITDA.

While you focus on the business, we focus on wealth creation.  We dive deep on consolidation, cost management, and adding clients and value as your business grows.

Bottom line, we guide you to maximise the money in your pocket when you retire.

"Sold 'as is' my company would be worth £700,000. 
Working with Nudge, it could be worth £1,680,000. 
That's almost £1 Million in added exit value"..

Over at Agency Nation we're building a communications, marketing and advertising agency group to £30m in revenues and an EBITDA of £4.5m, before putting it up for sale in 2021 for an 8 figure deal. There will be seven partners who will share the proceeds of the sale.

Our Strategy

Safety Net. You come into this strategy with an iron clad 'parachute' - If you don't like the way it's going you can reverse your involvement relinquish your equity and take back your company shares and walk away. This agreement will remain in place for 1 year, giving you the confidence you need to move forward.


The first step is to assemble the Founders. We're looking for synergy, the businesses that will compliment yours, add value and growth.  There's no commitment at this stage, it's a meeting of minds and a chance to talk things through.


The holding company will have a set amount of shares and your equity within it will depend on the size of your business going in. Our aim is to make each Founder as  wealthy as possible. Once completed we start the value building process with each company.




As a Founders, Board Members & shareholders, we build the business together. You will work with 5 other Founders as well as the Nudge team to make decsions that drive the business forward. Each of us focuses on adding value and maximising exit. 


We all have the same goal. Build an amazing business and when we have achieved our goals in revenues and EBITDA, we will sell the company and walk away with far more wealth than if we sold alone. if this is something that could be a fit for you. Let's have a chat.

"After years of building my company, I'm now focused on maximising my personal exit value"...


If you are interested in learning more, either by phone, conference call or at our London meeting venue, book a time that suits you and we’ll get started with the conversation.

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"Spectacular achievement is always preceded
by unspectacular preparation"
Robert H. Schuller