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Cooperating Intermediary Agreement

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This is to confirm that Nudge Ltd and the above intermediary firm agree to cooperate with each other as intermediaries, as the occasion arises. It is further understood that neither is the agent of the other. This Agreement is limited to situations where Nudge has the Buyer and the Cooperating Intermediary has the Seller.

In so doing it is understood that certain conditions apply as covered herein.

Each intermediary agrees to make every effort to maintain the confidentiality of any client, Buyer or Seller and not disclose the name of the other intermediary’s client unless authorised to do so by the Cooperating Intermediary. It is understood that unauthorised disclosure of confidential information may result in damages to both client and intermediary.


Both intermediaries agree to respect the other’s client relationships. Each agrees that he will work with and through the other intermediary in the transmittal of information, queries, offers, requests between the Buyer and Seller. Further, the Cooperating Intermediaries agree that they will not be in contact and interfere with the other’s client unless, in the case of a non-exclusive Buyer, such firm responds to an ad or turns up on a research database and thus would otherwise be contacted in connection with a new and different project’s research and marketing.


Each intermediary will receive his fee from his own client unless otherwise agreed.


At its discretion, each intermediary agrees to provide generic (no name) profiles and/or offering memorandums of its clients to the other, as required on any project on which they are cooperating. The name of the Seller will accompany the profile and will be used for internal records only. Each intermediary gives permission to the other to include such generic (no name) information in its own communications to its own clients whether in writing, by phone, by email or via the internet.


Any disagreement between the parties is to be resolved by binding arbitration.


This agreement may be terminated by either of the parties thereto, giving 30 days written notice to the other.

Any cooperating projects currently thin in work will be protected under the terms of this Agreement. Signed facsimile copies of this Agreement are deemed acceptable by the parties to this Agreement. This Agreement constitutes the entire agreement between the parties herein and supersedes any previous one. This Agreement cannot be changed, except in writing, signed by the parties thereto.

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